1. I like this! 😇 Dr. Gundry explains that our good gut “bugs” (such as bacteria) crowd out the bad “bugs” when we eat what the good “bugs” like to eat. I have found that I don’t crave sugar, which the bad “bugs” like to eat. The bad “bugs” must be gone. Yay! 😊 My skin is clear, I think more clearly, I have more energy, along with a host of other benefits. Our well-being truly does start with the food at the end of our fork. 🌟

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      1. I call myself a fruitarian 😊 more than 50% of my food intake is Raw/Live food😊
        And with His grace have more energy and over all well being then people decades younger than me 🙏🙏
        Food is vital but our thoughts create our reality 😇

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