The Power of a Smile — Fun with Philosophy

When we smile, our body releases endorphins. Dopamine, serotonin are all the ‘feel-good’ neurotransmitters that get activated. The mere act of smiling can change our brain chemistry too, and spur a powerful chemical reaction in the brain that makes us happy. According to Ron Gutman, the author of ‘Smile: The Astonishing Powers of a Simple […]

via The Power of a Smile — Fun with Philosophy


  1. ♡ Just Remember EveryOne; make sure Your “Smile” reaches Your Eyes, The Window to Your Soul…it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that if Your “Smile” is Forced it Will Be a Tight Smile and Fake, False and Fraudulent; there ARE many folk, especially babies kissed by politicians, that Can Tell when a “Smile” is Fake, False and Fraudulent 😏🙄🤓


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  2. So true! I do interviews and it makes such a big difference if I see a genuine smile.
    A child’s smile is quite contagious – I get to talk to kids and they respond with smiles on their faces and it warms the heart. I wish I could smile like that more – it’s a conscious effort

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    1. Yes. It does make a difference! 😊 I really liked this blogger’s science. I’ve learned that we return someone’s smile due to mirror neurons, which is also why we yawn when we see others yawn. Children are so intuitive. They teach us to smile more. Smiling more can become a habit if we do it a little more each day. 😊

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