5 Sleep Hacks

Take a break from blue light.  Blue light (from electronics) hinders your brain’s ability to produce melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone that signals to you that it’s bedtime.

  • unplug electronics in your bedroom that you’re not using
  • get blackout curtains/blinds
  • wear blue-light blocking glasses
  • 2 hours before going to sleep, put away electronics
  • put your electronics on “Night Shift” mode

Meditate.  Meditation reduces stress and anxiety.  It brings awareness to your recurring thoughts which helps you discern the helpful from the unhelpful, especially the thoughts that keep you awake at night.  It creates new neural pathways that retrain your nervous system to be calm.

  • Start with 5 minutes.
  • Add a minute at a time until you’ve worked up to 20 minutes of meditation.

Take a quiz created by sleep expert Dr. Breus to determine your sleep chronotype.  Some people’s natural circadian rhythm is to sleep in.  Everyone’s internal body clock is different.  Planning your schedule around your circadian rhythm causes you to be more alert and productive during your waking hours.

Raise the top of your bed frame an inch or two by using bed risers on the bed posts closest to your head.  It will take pressure off of your eyes, ears, face, sinuses, and gums.  It also cuts down on headaches and migraines.  Another positive result is glymphatic drainage, or the flushing of waste buildup.  Not surprisingly, brain function increases.

Eat good fats for dinner.  Good fats aid the brain in fixing itself overnight because the brain needs fat; it is the organ that contains the most fat in the body.  High-quality fats also help you stay asleep all night because they stabilize your blood sugar levels.  Food affects your sleep.  Some examples of foods that help sleep include the following:

  • wild fish
  • grass-fed meat
  • brain octane oil
  • olive oil


Bulletproof YouTube Video: 5 Ways to Sleep Better That Don’t Involve Pills




  1. I struggle to fall asleep every night and therefore don’t get much sleep and I don’t sleep well. I’ve tried some of these and they haven’t worked but maybe the others just might. Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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