What is S.A.D.?  It is the Standard American Diet.  It is high in sugar and simple, refined carbohydrates.  The more refined a food is, the faster your body digests it, which leads to rapid spikes in your blood sugar levels.  Processed foods and simple, refined carbohydrates poke holes in your gut, leading to digestive problems, joint issues, energy problems, and serious diseases.  They also cause weight gain (especially around your middle) and a build-up of dangerous fat around organs like your heart — the first sign of heart disease.  Even gluten-free foods are often highly processed.  Many contain sugar, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives.  They are lower in the prebiotic fiber that your good gut bacteria love.  Avoid the following foods/ingredients:

  • sugar
  • corn syrup
  • processed grains
  • fruit juice
  • breads
  • cookies
  • baked goods

Although the carbohydrates like the ones above wreak havoc on your body, fiber-rich carbohydrates are your body’s fuel and are necessary for your body to function.  They contain the nourishment that your body, especially your gut bacteria, need.  Examples include the following foods:


Dr. Gundry YouTube Channel: “Simple Carbohydrates” Video


    1. I love your comment. 😊 Some people don’t react in the extreme way others do when they eat these foods. I am one of the “canaries.” Dr. Gundry calls these highly sensitive people canaries as a metaphor. Canaries were put in the coal mines as a warning to the miners that there was methane or carbon monoxide present. They died even breathing in low levels. I am one of those “canaries.” When I eat these foods, my body feels sluggish, I lose my energy, my lower back hurts, my neck hurts, my tendon hurts (and I can’t walk), I get acne, my stomach bloats, I get arthritis, and I won’t go into all of the other disgusting things that happen to me. 😉 My passion has become to warn others, as canaries do in the mines. 😊

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    1. I get most of my information from Dr. Gundry’s Plant Paradox book. Dr. Gundry was a famous heart surgeon who wanted to do more for people than suture them up several times after repeated heart attacks. Dr. Gundry even healed himself from inflammatory issues, migraines, and weight gain. He has healed countless patients in his office and many others who have read his book. I recommend reading his book The Plant Paradox.

      It’s where I get most of my information, and it’s how I healed myself. Also, check out his “Yes list.”

      Click to access Plant-Paradox-Shopping-LIst.pdf

      If you’re still not convinced, look at all of the success stories recorded in the “reviews” on Amazon. 😊


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