“The Genius Formula” by Robin Sharma

“The Genius Formula” Mindvalley Masterclass by Robin Sharma

Who are you destined to be?  Robin Sharma has coached ordinary people and successful businesses to own their genius in order to make the world a better place.  He believes that real success is living life on your own terms; it is discovering what you stand for, who you want to be, and what you want to do.  It is growth.  Robbin also believes that everyone has a hero inside of them, teaming with gifts and talents.  Being that hero starts with your habits.  As you develop your inner life through habits, your outer empire grows, and the happier you become.

Science shows that it takes 66 days to build a new habit.  Robin says that building a habit is hard — but if something is not hard at first, it is not real change.  Once you build the habit, you have automaticity because you’ve changed your neurobiology.

One of Robin’s suggestions is following the 20/20/20 habit.  The first 20 minutes is spent sweating/moving/exercising.  When you start your day moving, your body releases BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor).  BDNF includes the following benefits:

  1. repairs damaged brain cells
  2. releases dopamine (inspirational neurotransmitter)
  3. releases serotonin (the pleasure neurotransmitter)
  4. reduces cortisol (the fear hormone)

The second 20 minutes is spent writing in your gratitude journal.  As a Persian proverb says, “I cursed the fact I had no shoes, until I saw the man who had no feet.”  The brain is hard-wired for negativity because our ancestors needed to notice threats in order to survive.  Gratitude is the antidote because it rewires your brain to notice everything that it going right in your life.  Scientists call this phenomenon of creating new neural pathways (and reprogramming your subconscious) neuroplasticity.  You will start seeing the best in others and the possibilities in life because you’re activating the following neurotransmitters:

  1. serotonin (the pleasure neurotransmitter)
  2. dopamine (the inspirational neurotransmitter)

Stay curious!  Spend the next 20 minutes learning content that will contribute to your personal mastery or your professional capability.  Listen to a podcast, read a book, or participate in a webinar.  As you know more, you can do more.  Science shows that every one of us can be the best in the world at something.  People become geniuses by knowing more than anyone else about their skill.  Every professional began their craft as an amateur.

Learning from others increases our growth exponentially.  Authors condense their life’s learning into a book.  Robin recommends spending at least 60 minutes a day learning.  Learning is the best investment we can make in ourselves.  One opportunity to learn is on our commute to work.

To get the best productivity at work, Robin outlines his 90/90/1 habit.  The first 90 minutes of the work day has the most potential.  During this time, Robin counsels us to focus on our single biggest opportunity to own our industry and to influence humanity.  The key is to turn off our phones and to block out distractions.  Our creativity depends on our focus.  Another key element is eliminating toxic people from our lives.  In fact, Robin takes it one step further and states that if you’re the smartest, most successful person in your environment, it’s time to meet new people.  We become our environment.

Let’s fulfill our highest potential these next 66 days!  Which one of these tips will you start today?


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