Eat Less Fruit

excerpts from The Plant Paradox

“The more fruit I removed from an individual’s diet, the healthier he or she became and the more his or her cholesterol numbers and markers for kidney function improved.  The more I removed vegetables that have lots of seeds, such as cucumbers and squash, the better my patients felt, the more weight they lost, and the more their cholesterol levels improved.  By the way, any so-called vegetable that has seeds, such as a tomato, cucumber, or squash, and even string beans, is botanically a fruit.”

“Plus, the more shellfish and egg yolks the patients ate, the lower their cholesterol numbers.”


    1. I know, right! 😊 I have lost weight since stopping fruit. I used to get headaches. Also, my neck doesn’t hurt the way it used to. Everyone is different. There is scientific proof for why I’ve experienced better health, but my body is my guide. When I pulled out fruit, my life started improving. That’s all the proof I need. 😊

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