Foods We Thought Were Healthy

What is responsible for many of the food poisoning cases in the United States?  Lectin poisoning from beans.  Lectins are the proteins “mother” plants produce to protect their babies from predators.  Lectins are dangerous because they destroy our gut wall and kill off our good gut bacteria.  If you’re going to eat beans, pressure cook them.  Pressure cooking decreases levels of phytohemagglutinin, an extremely toxic lectin for humans.

Where are most of the lectins found in plants?  They are in the peels and seeds of the night shade family and squash.  If you’re going to eat night shades or squash, peel and deseed them.  Lectins are also found in the hulls of grains.  Unfortunately, the pressure cooker does not kill the lectins in grains the way that it does with beans.  Some lectin-free grains are millet and sorghum.  Check out the “yes list/no list” below for more substitutions.

Gluten is one of the most well-known lectins.  The following is a recap of foods that contain lectins:

  • beans
  • night shades: potatoes, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes
  • squash: zucchini, butternut squash, pumpkin
  • grains: brown rice, barley, oats, wheat



What are Lectins?

The Plant Paradox

The Plant Paradox Cookbook

yes list/no list


      1. Yes, so true. Because of extensive cut throat competition in the market, companies and sellers are making false claims for gaining more profit via sales.
        But people like you bring the truth and aid in the better health of people. I will surely tell my mother about this so that she can plan our food accordingly. Thank you yet again for sharing this resourceful information.

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  1. hi you, first of all big sorry, i didn’t have much time to make it up to you, but now I’m back, about gluten, i’m allergic, i get big painful spots on my body, i have to be careful what i eat, thank you for this amazing post, now in the shops we have special section GLUTEN FREE, so my life became a bit more easy!🤗❤️🌸

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      1. I find out about my energy 2years ago with an allergy test, it was difficult to clean my body out of it, took time, but with special real after 3month was better, at the moment i don’t have anymore, but i always have to read on the box if it’s no gluten, a bit annoying to do this always, but i don’t have choice, do you have any allergy also?

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      2. Someone handed me Dr. Gundry’s Book. It made so much sense. I put it into practice, and all of my health issues started disappearing. He has helped people heal from fibromyalgia, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and Crohn’s disease, to list a few.

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      3. 👩yes, always feeling comfy to talk you, feels like with a friend, but have to go now, got some work to do, but i let you know soon how it goes, have a nice weekend ❤️🤗

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