3 Ways to Boost Your Flow State

Electrical currents running through the brain are called brain waves.


When you are in the flow state, you produce alpha brain waves.


Alpha brain wave benefits:

  • focus
  • creativity
  • better mood
  • happiness
  • productivity
  • better relationships
  • more stress resilience
  • increased pain tolerance


3 ways to boost your flow state, according to Bulletproof:

1. Combine Gratitude and Forgiveness.

  • Holding onto trauma causes stress.
  • When you forgive, you let go of the trauma, thus increasing alpha waves.
  • Activity:
    • Write something that hurt you.
    • How did it make you feel?
    • Think about how it benefitted you.
    • How did the incident shape you into the person you’ve become?
    • Feel gratitude for the person, and forgive them.  (Remember, you’re doing it for your health.)


2. Listen to Binaural Beats. 

  • Listening shifts your brain into an alpha state by using the vibration of the various frequencies.
  • Check out the Bulletproof Blog.
  • Search “binaural beats” for a Spotify list.


3. Use blue-light blocking glasses.

  • I use TrueDark glasses.
  • They block 99% of blue light.
  • Electronics emit blue light which puts stress on your brain and hurts your sleep.


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