Tight Neck / Sleep Hack: Relaxercise

Today I woke up with a really tight neck.  When the tightness is minimal, I’ll massage my neck or do some tapping.

Not today.  It was the tightness that doesn’t let you turn your head quite enough when you’re driving — the tightness that doesn’t let you look down for too long at whatever you’re working on.

I brought in the big guns today.  Enter tight neck HACK: Relaxercise.  Relaxercise exercises are gentle but effective.  My sister used the “Happy Feet” exercise every day during her 500-mile, 31-day El Camino walking trip.  These exercises are no joke!

Imagine getting the benefits of a chiropractic session in the comfort of your home.  While you do pay up front to purchase the Relaxercise Mp3s, the expense is minimal when you consider how much you’d pay for just one visit at a chiropractic office to fix your neck. (These exercises were recommended to my family by a chiropractor.)

There are 11 Relaxercise sessions that you can buy separately or as entire set.  If you’re suffering from a tight neck, I’d recommend starting with the “Lengthening the Spine” and “Relaxing the Shoulders” exercises.  Each exercise focuses on a particular part of the body, but all of them work together holistically.

Also — two added benefits I’ve noticed — mindfulness and sleep.  Relaxercise works with your nervous and muscular systems, and it combines biomechanics, neurophysiology, stress reduction, and accelerated learning techniques.  The commentary directs you to notice specific sensations, bringing your mind back to the present moment.  Mindfulness/meditation aids sleep.  I’ve found that on the nights that I complete a session right before bed, I seem to fall sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

I can’t guarantee that Relaxercise will work for you, but I can say that it has worked for my family.  My neck pain has subsided, and I can be productive again.  Having these exercises at my fingertips allows me to be self-sufficient in helping my body return to balance.


Relaxercise Tips:

  1. Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor.
  2. Wear loose clothing.
  3. Do the movements slowly.
  4. Do only what is easy and comfortable for you.  Quality is the focus.  Forcing bigger movements could result in strain.  I’ve learned that the smaller the movement, the better the result.  During the exercises, there are even opportunities to visualize, without movement, and I’ve experienced the same benefits.


    1. I can’t tell you how many benefits there are! 😊 I only listed a few on the blog. But I’ve noticed an emotional benefit. My mood shifts to a more positive state. Tension is released. There is a sense of calm. My posture is better. You might even notice more when you do it.


      1. Ideally, it would be good to do it daily because it keeps the body balanced and functioning at its best. It is a necessity when you’re sore because you’re not functioning at all. After today, I saw that not doing it every day caused me to have a build up of tension. I’m going to use it as a preventative measure every day. The times when I’ve felt my best are when I’ve used this program.

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