Headspace Meditation

Andy Puddicombe, founder of the meditation site Headspace, relays in his Ted Talk that meditation is a preventative measure.  When he was 20, he experienced traumatic events and didn’t know how to process his emotions.  Subsequently, he stopped his studies and became a monk.  Through his experience, he found that meditation helps with difficult emotions because it brings us back to the present moment.

You can also get the Headspace App.  On the website and app, there are 10 free meditations in the “Basics” Pack once you create a username and password.  You can choose between meditating for 3, 5, or 10 minutes.  I’ve never spent money on the site, but there are other “packs” you can purchase if you’d like to get more of a variety.


  1. Great post. I actually use the Insight Timer app which has thousands of free meditations which are all ‘user’ rated. There is a plethora of good apps out there. Also Sam Harris’ ‘Waking Up’ is supposedly pretty good, but I think you have to pay after an initial trial period.

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