The Healing Power of Gratitude

Benefits of gratitude:

  • negative emotions decrease
  • fewer pain issues
  • sleep improves
  • self-esteem increases
  • helps with making friends (thanking a friend sends the signal that there is a potential for a high-quality relationship to be formed)


Ways to acknowledge gratitude:

  • write down a few things every day
  • say a few gratitudes in your head during your commute
  • share gratitudes with your family at dinner
  • (not in Dr. Hyman’s email) think of a few gratitudes right before bed



Dr. Mark Hyman’s email: “Gratitude Heals”



  1. I have read somewhere, that we can change our sleeping habbits in21day, just to go to sleep and to get up at same time, i like to get up early, but i go to sleep to late, itโ€™s like on purpose i always find something else to do๐ŸŒ›

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