Dressing Your Truth — What Type Are You?

I love that the Dressing Your Truth website helps us with the Game Changers: Law 1.  It takes the decision-making process out of the clothing department, and you’ll look the best you’ve ever looked.  Wow does that give you confidence!  And you’ll get to know yourself and understand your strengths on a deeper level.


Carol Tuttle is the founder of the website.  Her mission is to heal people by helping them become more of who they are meant to be.  She is an energy healer and has discovered through her work that there are 4 main energy types/personalities.  When you sign up to begin the free style course, you will be sent videos through your email that help you determine your type.


In the videos, Carol introduces women (men are welcome, too!) of all 4 types who share their experiences of developing their natural beauty and strengths through their type.  I’m in the process of watching the videos, and I’m a Type 2.  You will determine your type based on shapes, movement, communication styles, nature, and much more.  You’ll even see that you can identify your type through your facial characteristics!


I love the course not only because I now have clothes that help me look and feel my best, but I’ve learned about myself and what gifts I have to share with the world.


I’d love it if you’d share which type you are in the comments below.  What strengths do you have to share with the world?

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