Genius Salad

from the Broken Brain Podcast: Episode 9 with Max Lugavere



(magnesium — repairs against DNA damage and creates energy)


arugula and cooked beets

(nitrates — increase blood flow to the brain)



(choline, Vitamin B12)

(carotenoids like lutein and zeaxanthin — protect your eyes and brain against aging)

(Yolkin — lowers inflammation)



(good source of fat)


extra virgin olive oil

(favorable fatty acid profile AKA it’s a good fat)

(polyphenols — lowers inflammation)

(brings out the best compounds in the spinach and arugula)


apple cider vinegar



(brings out the flavor in all of the ingredients)


nutritional yeast

(adds a savory flavor that’s similar to the taste of cheese)


herbs — like parsley and cilantro



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