10/23/17 — spinach

Makes Your Bones Stronger!



Fun Fact:  Two cups of spinach gives you all of the vitamin K you need for the entire day.



  • vitamin K
    • activates bone development proteins
    • activates proteins that aid heart cell growth
    • activates proteins that aid lung cell growth
    • aids blood coagulation and blood clot formation
  • copper
    • aids metabolism
    • helps cells create energy out of nutrients
    • promotes tissue health
    • promotes healthy blood vessels, bones
  • vitamin A
    • prevents skin infections (helps skin make a barrier)
    • improves skin appearance
    • promotes healthy skin cell function
    • helps make red blood cells (which carry oxygen to your tissues)
    • helps eyes at night
  • lutein and zeaxanthin
    • aid eye function (protect delicate tissues inside the eyes by filtering the light entering your eyes)
    • promotes eye health throughout your life
    • reduces the likelihood you’ll get macular degeneration or cataracts


Hot Tips:

  • Buy organic.
  • Buy it frozen.
  • Put it in your smoothie.



How does kale help your skin?



Livestrong: The Health Benefits of Eating Kale, Spinach, & Dandelion

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