10/18/17 — almond flour

Better for You?

Almond Flour


Fun Fact:  Almond flour is ground-up almonds.

Fun Fact II:  A cup of almond flour has about 90 almonds in it.

Fun Fact III:  Almonds are drupes.



  • no gluten
  • low carb (6 grams vs. wheat flour’s 24 grams)
  • low glycemic
  • manages blood sugar/decreases insulin in the blood
  • reduces risk of diabetes
  • aids heart health
  • aids weight loss
  • increases antioxidants in the bloodstream
  • aids blood flow
  • lowers blood pressure
  • prevents cancers like colon cancer
  • decreases oxidative damage
  • improves issues correlating to metabolic syndrome
  • boosts energy (riboflavin/vitamin B2, manganese, copper)
  • creates red blood cells (riboflavin/vitamin b2)
  • helps cells function, grow, and develop (riboflavin/vitamin B2)
  • aids energy flow: deactivates free radicals in the mitochondria/cell’s power generator (manganese, copper)


Hot Tips:

  • The only ingredient should be almonds.
  • Coat fish with it.
  • Use it in place of bread crumbs.
  • Use it in place of wheat flour.  Add an egg to help bind ingredients.
  • Your batter will be thicker than wheat batters, but don’t add water.
  • When baking, almond flour will make the food more moist.
  • Almond meal (made with skin on) is a courser version of almond flour (skin removed when made).
  • Keep almond flour in the refrigerator between uses to keep its freshness.



What are the benefits of tapioca flour?



Dr. Axe — Almond Flour: The Gluten-Free, Heart-Healthy Flour Alternative



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