9/28/17 — How to Use a Rice Cooker

Cooking Brown Rice With a Rice Cooker


IMG_0023 (1)
brown rice


IMG_0032 (1)
Use the measuring cup that comes with the Zojirushi rice cooker.  Fill it to the top.


IMG_0031 (1)
Level off the rice.


IMG_0033 (1)
Swirl the rice around in filtered water.  Then, drain the water.


IMG_0046 (2)
Get every last grain of rice into the rice cooker.


IMG_0048 (2)
Fill the rice cooker with filtered water to the line that matches with the kind of rice and the number of cups of rice.


I’m making 1 cup of brown rice.


Close the lid, and choose the GABA brown rice setting on the bottom right.


IMG_0051 (2)
Press the red “cooking” button.


The rice cooker counts down from 10 minutes.  When it turns to 0, it will play a song to indicate that it’s done.


Press the gray button to open the lid.


The rice needs to be fluffed up with the special rice cooker spoon.


Fluff up the rice with the special spoon.


Hot Tips:

  • Set on the GABA brown rice setting. (The rice cooker soaks the brown rice at 104°F for 2 hours before the actual cooking begins.)
  • Cooking this way increases the natural occurring gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in brown rice.  The amino acid GABA has the following benefits:
    • lowers blood pressure
    • improves kidney function
    • relieves stress
  • Make 2 cups of brown rice instead of 1 cup.
  • Use filtered water.



What could we make with seaweed, brown rice, avocados, and raw vegetables?



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