9/25/17 — seaweed

Younger-looking Skin:



Fun Fact:  One sheet of nori (seaweed used to wrap sushi rolls) has an equivalent amount of omega-3s as two avocados.

Fun Fact II:  Compared to vegetables grown on land, seaweed and marine algae have more concentrated nutrition.

Fun Fact III:  Some seaweed have more protein than eggs, more iron than beef, and more calcium than cheese.

Fun Fact IV:  There are over 20 types of edible seaweed.


Types of edible seaweed:

  • nori
  • kelp
  • dulce
  • Irish moss
  • kombu
    • packaged in long, thick brown strips
    • loaded with iodine
    • iodine produces thyroid hormones that control your metabolism
    • your body can’t make these thyroid hormones
    • kombu can help you with thyroid deficiency
  • wakame (AKA “women’s seaweed)
    • lowers amount of water in body (diuretic)
    • prevents bloating
    • prevents osteoporosis (calcium and magnesium)
    • high in trace minerals important for the body
    • vitamin B12 source (one of the only non-animal sources)



  • heals skin
    • creates an oil barrier
    • lessens acne
    • counteracts dry skin
    • lowers inflammatory compounds produced by the body
  • treats cancer
  • reduces cholesterol
  • shrinks goiters
  • dissolves tumors and cysts
  • detoxifies heavy metals
  • lowers water retention
  • promotes weight loss
  • provides micronutrients


Hot Tips:

  • Make seaweed wraps (layer with brown rice, carrots, avocado, other raw vegetables; dip in sesame oil and ginger sauce).
  • Put seaweed in your soups.
  • Buy seaweed snacks.
  • Put wakame in miso soup.
  • Reconstitute wakame by soaking it for a few minutes in water.  Chop it, and add cucumbers and rice vinegar to make a salad.
  • Chop kombu, and simmer it in your soup until it gets soft.
  • Use kombu to make the Japanese version of chicken stock, called a dashi stock.
    • Cook 4 cups of water over low heat.
    • Cut the kombu in half length-wise, and add 8 inches of it to the water.
    • Simmer over low heat.
    • Strain the stock.
    • You can add dried shiitake mushrooms for extra flavor.
  • Whole Foods and Fresh Thyme have seaweed.
  • Asian grocery stores have seaweed.
  • You can buy seaweed in sheets, strips, or flakes.



Ward off diabetes and heart disease with brown rice!



Dr. Oz — Seaweed: Miracle Vegetable From the Sea (blog written by bestselling author of Secrets of Longevity, Mao Shing Ni, L.Ac., D.O.M., PhD)

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