9/6/17 — grass-fed meat

How is Grass-fed Meat Healthy for Your Body?


Not-So-Fun Fact: Factory farming puts more pressure on the environment through the degradation of the topsoil.  It depletes of our aquifers and our global fresh water supplies.  It negatively affects climate change.  It uses fossil fuels for fertilizers and agricultural chemicals.  Centralized food production increases transportation needs.

Not-So-Fun Fact II:  70% of the Earth’s fresh water is used to grow animals for human consumption.

Not-so-Fun Fact III:  America uses 24 million pounds of antibiotics per year.  About 19 million of those are used in animal feed.  This leads to antibiotic resistance in animals and humans, which causes the growth of superbugs that are unresponsive to antibiotics.


Grass-fed versus Grain-fed:

  • Grass-fed meat has 2 – 5 times as much omega-3 fats.
  • Grass-fed meat has lower levels of omega-6 fats.
  • Grass-fed meat fat profile (omega-6 to omega-3): 1 and 1/2 to 1
  • Grain-fed meat fat profile (omega-6 to omega-3): 7 and 1/2 to 1
  • Grass-fed meat has more stearic acid (saturated fat that has no impact on cholesterol)
  • Grass-fed meat has 2 to 3 times as much CLA (an antioxidant that is protective against heart disease, diabetes, and cancer and also helps with weight loss and metabolism)


Grass-fed meat contains more of the following benefits than Grain-fed:

  • beta-carotene
  • vitamin A
  • zinc
  • iron
  • phosporus
  • sodium
  • potassium
  • vitamin E
  • antioxidants


You are what your food eats!

  • Cows’ stomachs are designed to eat grass.
  • Inflammatory omega-6 fats increase in a cow’s body when it eats grains.
  • Cows’ stomachs explode from the bloat caused by their gut bacteria fermenting the corn feed.  To prevent this, they are given antibiotics.  (We are ingesting all of these antibiotics when we eat grain-fed meat.)


Hot Tips:

  • Buy sustainably raised local animal products.
  • Stores like Fresh Thyme carry grass-fed meat.
  • You can get sources of grass-fed beef from the following websites:
  • Watch Food, Inc. to see the crowded, inhumane conditions in the factory farming industry.
  • Eat meat like a side dish — not the main dish. (Fill 75% of your plate with vegetables.)
  • Deli meats are linked to disease, illness, and cancer.
  • Grilling, frying, smoking, or charring creates toxic byproducts.
  • Use a slow cooker.
  • Bake, roast, poach, or stew meat.
  • Add grass-fed meat and cabbage to a wrap.



Oregano helps your immunity!




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