8/23/17 — chocolate

Good for Us?



Fun Fact:  Chocolate has anandamide.  Anandamide comes from the Sanskrit word “ananda,” which means peaceful bliss.  It produces feelings of elation and exhilaration.



  • heart-healthy
  • mood-enhancing phytochemicals
  • antioxidants (protect against heart disease and reduce ongoing cellular and arterial damage caused by oxidative reactions)
  • polyphenols (protective chemicals found in plants)
  • improves cardiovascular health and prevents heart disease
  • reduces blood pressure in people with mild hypertension
  • thins the blood
  • anti-clotting activity
  • theobromine enhances mood
  • phenethylamine (triggers the release of pleasurable endorphins)
  • boosts levels of serotonin (helps with PMS and menstruation because women have lower levels of serotonin at this time of the month, and also helps with depression)


Hot TIps:

  • Buy organic.
  • Buy fair trade.
  • Buy 70% cacao or higher.
  • Eat a half an ounce of dark chocolate.
  • Avoid the following companies that use child slavery and physically abuse the children:
    • Hershey
    • Mars
    • Nestle
    • ADM Cocoa
    • Godiva
    • Kraft



Figs help you sleep!



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