8/16/17 — dates

Powerful Healers:



Fun Fact:  In biblical times, dates were believed to have profound healing properties.

Fun Fact II:  Dates are in the palm tree family.

Fun Fact III:  Dates are some of the oldest cultivated plants known in the historical record.  They are so old we don’t know where they first originated.


Effects on Pregnancy:

  • improves cervical dilation
  • less damage to membranes
  • more natural (spontaneous) labor
  • less drugs required
  • shorter labor


Imagine all of these components working together!


(determines the balance of oxygen in the blood)


(helps control your heart rate and blood pressure)


(protect against macular degeneration)

Vitamin A

(protects eyes, maintains healthy skin and mucus membranes, protects the lungs and mouth from developing cancer)

Vitamin K

(blood coagulant that helps metabolize your bones)


(fight infection and inflammation and are anti-hemorrhagic)


(important in immune function and believed to prevent cancer)


(helps move waste smoothly through your colon)

magnesium and antioxidants

(help the body maintain normal muscle and nerve function, strong bones, and steady heart rhythm)

fatty acids



That’s not all!

  • metabolize carbohydrates, protein, and fats
  • protect against damage to cells from free radicals
  • regulate heart rate
  • regulate blood sugar
  • help prevent strokes
  • help prevent coronary heart disease
  • help prevent the development of colon, prostate, breast, endometrial lung, and pancreatic cancers


Hot Tips:

  • Eat in moderation.
  • Have one as a snack with walnuts or almonds.



The anti-aging effects of coffee!



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