8/15/17 — cinnamon

The Best Pain Killer:



Fun Fact:

According to a study, cinnamon beats ibuprofen for menstrual pain.



  • blood pressure lowering
  • blood sugar lowering


Other natural ways to help with menstrual pain:

  • chewing on fennel seeds
  • breathing in lavender oil
  • eating thyme


Health Benefits:

  • anti-diabetes
  • anti-microbial
  • anti-inflammatory
  • cardioprotective
  • cognition-boosting
  • anti-cancer
  • female hormone-balancing
  • gut cooling


Hot Tips:

  • Buy Ceylon cinnamon. ¬†(Other kinds of cinnamon like Cassia cinnamon have high amounts of a liver toxin called coumarin.)
  • Put it in hot cocoa.
  • Put it in your smoothie.
  • Make¬†fudge.
  • Make golden milk.



Stay tuned for a sweet treat that heals!



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